Non-Racialism in Post-Apartheid South Africa

  • GCRO
  • Date of publication: 13 October 2011

Ahmed Kathrada opens the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation's two-day conference on non-racialism - "From words to action: the challenges of deepening non-racialism in post-apartheid South Africa" - on 13 October 2011. GCRO jointly organised the event. Prof David Everatt presented an academic paper on the findings of the GCRO non-racialism study conducted in partnership with the Foundation. Annsilla Nyar presented a paper on the issue of Indian South African identity in post-apartheid South Africa: “Some new perspectives on ‘Indian’ South Africans and ‘non-racialism’: findings from the AKF/GCRO non-racialism focus groups”. See the Non-racialism (Ahmed Kathrada Foundation) project for more info.



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