Photography by:
  • Clive Hassall


Since its establishment in 2008, the GCRO has published 14 academic books and journal special issues; 13 multi-chapter volumes in the GCRO Research Report series; 20 research contributions in the GCRO Occasional Paper series; 8 essays in the GCRO Provocations series; 11 data reports in the GCRO Data Brief series; 122 articles in the GCRO Map of the Month series; 44 infographics in the GCRO Vignette series; 6 data sets in the Quality of Life survey series; 4 Rapid research papers and 191 journal articles and book chapters.

From the outset, the GCRO has treated its own outputs as a public resource and therefore makes these outputs freely available. The purpose of this catalogue is to provide a single listing of the available outputs, and to encourage researchers, students, policy-makers, officials, elected representatives, journalists, activists and members of the public to use them.

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