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Non-racialism (with the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation) (2012)

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The GCRO partnered with the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation in a study of the state of non-racialism in South Africa today. This was the first phase of a multi-year project examining various aspects of the 'Social fabric of the GCR'.

In mid 2011 the GCRO commissioned a set of 18 focus groups, where South Africans of all types discussed non-racialism, race, identity, in/exclusion and related issues.

The transcripts of the focus groups were circulated to a set of authors - all leading intellectuals working in the field of non-racialism - in late July 2011. Authors have used the transcripts to craft reflective papers on key issues emerging from the focus groups.

Download the focus groups transcript pack here.

These papers were presented at the Kathrada Foundation Symposium – ‘From words to action: the challenges of deepening non-racialism in South Africa October 2011’ – held from 12-14 October 2011.

Both David Everatt and Annsilla Nyar from the GCRO presented papers at the symposium, which was co-funded by the GCRO. The results of the research into non-racialism have been published in a special edition of the SAPSE-accredited journal Politikon: South African Journal of Political Science (Volume 39, Issue 1). David Everatt was the editor of the special edition, and articles from David Everatt and Annsilla Nyar feature in the journal.


Everatt, D. (2012) Non-racialism in South Africa: Status and Prospects in Politikon (39) 1.

Nyar, A. (2012) Some new perspectives on South African Indians and ‘non-racialism’: Findings from the AKF Non-Racialism Focus Group Data in Politikon (39)1.

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