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Quality of Life Survey 7

The implementation of the GCRO Quality of Life Survey is an enormous undertaking. Consequently, early preparatory work for the 7th survey iteration is already underway. Key preparatory activities include costing, development of time frames, and the exploration of potential thematic focus areas for QoL 7.

Methodological feasibility study

In addition, the GCRO is implementing a feasibility study, which will explore options for reducing the difficulty and cost of implementing a QoL survey. This mixed methods project includes analysis of QoL 6 survey implementation metadata, qualitative interviews with gatekeepers, and a small field-based feasibility study. The in-field component of this feasibility study will trial telephonic sampling, and alternative approaches to recruiting respondents in complexes, estates and gated suburbs. Participants will also be provided with the opportunity to choose how they would like to complete the survey - in person with an interviewer, on their own using a study tablet, on their own on a web interface, over the phone, or via a zoom interview. Findings from the study are anticipated in April 2022, and will inform planning for the QoL 7 survey.

Other Quality of Life surveys

All Quality of Life survey data is made freely available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Data can be accessed via the DataFirst service based at UCT, or on request from the GCRO.

Overview of the Quality of Life Survey

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