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Governing for urban inclusion writing support workshop

In 2023, Richard Ballard, together with Charlotte Lemanski of the University of Cambridge, were awarded a grant by the British Academy in order to run a two year writing support process on the theme Governing for Urban Inclusion. This project is a follow up to an [earlier project Link:] in which 30 participants gathered at the University of the Witwatersrand for a writing workshop in 2019.

The follow up project will invited participation from previous participants and new participants who are early career scholars working on the theme of Governing for urban inclusion. The main goal is for all participants to submit papers to high impact journals by the end of the project. To that end, small groups began meeting online in the later part of 2023 on a monthly basis to support participants as they drafted their papers. Participants will present their papers at a workshop in April 2024, where they will receive extensive feedback from other participants. The papers will be submitted to journal in the months following the workshop and again the small groups will support this process.

The costs of participation at the workshop will be fully covered by the British Academy grant.

Last update: 12 December 2023


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