Ten years of GCRO outputs

GCRO was officially launched at a public event on 11 September 2008. In the ensuing decade, the GCRO has contributed significantly to deepening insight into the dynamics of the Gauteng City-Region, through a range of policy-oriented and scholarly outputs for audiences in the public sector, research communities and civil society – locally and abroad. Aside from publishing a large number of peer-reviewed academic publications, GCRO staff have assisted in many government policy development processes, and produced a range of outputs designed for wider appeal – including research reports, provocations, occasional papers, data-briefs and vignettes. The GCRO has also become known for its innovative approaches to data visualisations and infographics – making complex data sets and analyses easily available to wide audiences – for example through the regular Map of the Month series.

Explore all these outputs in our interactive visualisation below. Each dot represents an output and the colour and size represent the type of output and its approximate scope. Hover over each dot to learn the title and type of output.


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