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  • Gareth Pon & Lelani Du Preez

Ward profile viewer (2015)

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  • Chris Wray, Samy Katumba

In 2011 GCRO embarked on a statistical and spatial analysis process to provide strategic decision support to the then Gauteng Planning Commission. The aim of the 50 priority wards project was to select 50 wards using indicators developed to identify ‘priority wards’ on a basis that does not only relate to poverty in its basic sense. The combined 50 priority ward index and individual indicators were made available in the 50 priority wards viewer in the form of tabular results and dynamic maps. The viewer also provided the user with tools to select and map individual indicators or change the weighting of any of the indicators.

The original 50 priority ward viewer had some limitations. It could not easily be accessed by mobile devices and some data was not the most recent available. Also it only represented one tenth of the wards in the province. Rather than merely redeveloping the 50 priority wards website and updating the data, this project developed a new application to view indicator-based data down to a ward-level for all wards in the province. The new viewer, made available in 2015, is referred to as the ward profile viewer.

The ward profile viewer uses the latest available data including Census 2011 demographics, the StatsSA South African Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (SAMPI) and GCRO’s 2015 Quality of Life (QoL) survey results. The data includes demographic information, service access indicators and multi-dimensional poverty measures, as well as perception data such as the respondents’ perception of government performance. The viewer is available to assist local government, provincial government and the service delivery war room initiative as a planning tool and by identifying local areas for targeted interventions. The ward profile viewer is a simple, easy to use application, complementing the GIS viewer (which provides broad access to GCRO’s key GIS datasets). This is in line with international trends to create multiple, smaller applications, focused on specific projects. Updates with the upcoming 2017 GCRO Quality of Life data are planned.


Ward Profile Viewer

Last updated: 24 October 2017.


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