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Green infrastructure strategy for Johannesburg

The GCRO has an ongoing multi-year project on 'Green assets and infrastructure’ that examines the current state of green infrastructure (GI) in the GCR. The objective of the project has been to influence government policy and demonstrate how GI can complement and improve more traditional infrastructure investments.

Flowing from this work, the GCRO has been appointed by the City Johannesburg to develop a Greening and Green Infrastructure Strategy for the City. The project will use the knowledge and research developed in previous GI projects and apply them for the specific Joburg context.

The project begins by recognising the contribution that urban greening and green infrastructure makes to the quality of life of urban communities, and to social, environmental and economic sustainability. The strategy will look toward protection of the City’s natural green infrastructure, promoting the enhancement and expansion of the City’s natural assets, integrating urban ecology into City planning and design, harnessing opportunities for grey-green infrastructure solutions, and ensuring the implementation of greening measures.

The project has three key components:

  • A spatial analysis and scoping study to understand what GI exists in Johannesburg. This will form the baseline for the next project phases
  • Development of the Green Infrastructure strategy itself. The strategy development will look at GI options and by means of local and international case studies and research build the case for GI investments in Johannesburg. Implementation options and actions will also be included.
  • A Green Infrastructure Case Study. One of the best ways to understand how GI can help policy and infrastructure investments is to develop a pilot case study to demonstrate GI options.

Last updated: 30 November 2017.


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