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Gauteng as a long term ecological study site

Work at the GCRO on Metabolic flows and infrastructure transitions has demonstrated the difficultly analysing urban-ecological systems. Decision makers in the GCR need to grapple with urbanisation and economic growth within environmental and resource limits, and in many cases the knowledge to support these processes either does not exist or is not useful. Most ecologists are not familiar with urban systems and most urbanists work in social and economic sciences with little interaction or joint research.

The ability to effectively engage with sustainability issues within the GCR requires a better depth of knowledge and analysis into understanding socio-ecological systems, processes and drivers. A Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project provides long-term records that will answer questions about the structure and function of urban ecosystems, and contribute to the knowledge base for the sustainability of the GCR. This project will undertake a series of activities to better understand what a LTER for the GCR would look at, as well as key role players, contributors and partners, as well as result in a concept note and plan to develop the LTER.

Last updated: 30 November 2017


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