Movement into and within Gauteng's Metros

To highlight October transport month 2012, movement into and within Gauteng’s metropolitan municipalities, as measured in the GCRO’s 2011 Quality of Life survey, are depicted in this map. Each survey respondent’s main trip (such as to go to work, look for work, travel to a place of study, shop, take the children to school, etc.) is mapped as a ‘desire line’ from place of residence to the destination suburb. Note: only movement within Gauteng was captured in the QoL survey and movement into Gauteng from the neighbouring provinces, for example, the daily commutes in areas north east of Gauteng from Thembisile in Mpumulanga to Pretoria, are not reflected but form an important part of the city-regional transport picture.

It is clear that the City of Johannesburg is a central transport hub for Gauteng, with a significant transport corridor visible along the Johannesburg-Ekurhuleni (Edenvale/Modderfontein) boundary. In Tshwane, the central Pretoria area is a major destination with significant travel from the north western areas of Winterveld-Mabopane. The three maps highlight the major inter-municipal movement between the metros and the need for an integrated transport plan for Gauteng.



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