Third Quality of Life (QoL) Survey now in field

  • GCRO
  • Date of publication: 05 September 2013

Fieldwork for the third Quality of Life survey (QoL III) has begun in earnest. The first QoL survey, a 6 600 sample survey to measure the quality of life, socio-economic circumstances, attitudes to service delivery, psycho-social attitudes, value-base and other characteristics of the GCR, was commissioned in 2009. A second QoL survey (QoL II) was undertaken in 2011, this time with some 17 000 sample points across Gauteng. The QoL data has been widely used by local and provincial government, as well as academics, citizen groups and many others. The data is freely available via theQoL viewer.

Geospace, who were awarded the tender in July, will be interviewing randomly selected respondents in every ward across Gauteng from September to end November 2013. Fieldworkers will carry IDs and should be clearly identifiable.

Visit the Quality of Life survey 3 project page for more details, or contact the GCRO office (details on the contact us page).



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