Quality of Life 7 Survey (2023/24) fieldwork rolls out across Gauteng

  • Date of publication: 15 September 2023

Fieldwork for GCRO’s Quality of Life (QoL) 7 Survey (2023/24) is now underway throughout the Gauteng province. GeoSpace International, a Pretoria-based organisation with extensive local and international experience in conducting household-based interviews both in-person and telephonically, is responsible for fieldwork and quality assurance of the QoL 7 survey.

Fieldworkers preparing for QoL 7 Survey data collection on 11 September 2023.jpg

Fieldworkers prepare for QoL 7 Survey data collection on 11 September 2023 (Source: GeoSpace International)

The rollout of fieldwork for the seventh iteration of QoL survey marks a significant milestone in a thoroughly planned and executed process. Extensive efforts by GCRO and GeoSpace International, from the development of the questionnaire and sampling process to the rigorous training of fieldworkers and the pilot phase, have all been vital contributors to the successful rollout of fieldwork across Gauteng. The careful design of the questionnaire ensures that it accurately captures the data needed to advise the government and inform policy to improve quality of life in Gauteng. The thorough fieldworker training and pilot phase equipped fieldworkers with the necessary skills to conduct interviews effectively and professionally. Together, these preparatory processes have laid a strong foundation for the fieldwork, ensuring the collection of high-quality data.

GeoSpace International’s project manager training fieldworkers for QoL 7 survey.jpg

GeoSpace International’s project manager trains fieldworkers for QoL 7 survey (Source: GeoSpace International)

It is worth noting that GCRO’s QoL survey is one of the largest and longest-running social surveys of its kind in South Africa and has been commissioned every two to three years since 2009. With six successful iterations already completed, the ongoing seventh iteration represents a significant milestone for the GCRO. This iteration marks the first QoL survey to be conducted after the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting us with an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into life after the pandemic in Gauteng.

Fieldworker interviewing the respondent at their home.jpg

Fieldworker interviews a respondent at his home (Source: GeoSpace International)

GeoSpace International will be in the field administering the QoL 7 survey until the end of March 2024. During this period, we anticipate conducting more than 13,500 interviews with randomly selected adult respondents over 18 years at their homes. As with all our previous QoL surveys, we extend our deep appreciation to the respondents, gatekeepers, community leaders, and all other stakeholders who have supported and will continue to support this survey to make it a success.

For more information, access the survey materials here.


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