GCRO Operations & Partnerships Senior Manager

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  • Date of publication: 05 April 2019

MANAGER / SENIOR MANAGER: OPERATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS (limited period re-opening of applications)

The Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) has grown substantially in recent years, both in size and the strategic scope of its work, and will continue to do so in future. We seek to appoint an energetic experienced individual who will assist the GCRO Executive to manage the organizational priorities associated with our internal programmes of work and our external partnerships. The incumbent will play a key role in driving and managing our internal organizational systems and our external strategic relationships and partnerships in response to the rapidly evolving context in which we work. In particular, the incumbent’s responsibilities will include:

Design and management of internal work-flow systems for a range of different research projects;

Executive support for, and oversight and management of, the operational dimensions of GCRO’s growing range of external collaborative networks and partnerships;

Contracting for, and contract-management of, a wide-range of service providers within a dynamic system of commissioning research and production of research outputs;

Strategic human resource (HR) functions, including planning, oversight and management of the organization’s staffing activities (such as recruitment, internships and post-docs), career-pathing, capacity development, and performance monitoring;

General support for executive management priorities and processes including support for the GCRO governance processes at the Board level, interaction with partner institutions, and management of organizational relationships with the GCRO’s host institution, the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg;

Oversight and management of a growing portfolio of strategic events such as research dialogues, colloquia, publication launch events and research network workshops.

The incumbent will have appropriate postgraduate qualifications with appropriate experience in the university or research council sectors, especially with skills related to managing organizational dynamics in complex and fluid environments. The successful candidate will be self-motivated, highly literate, with strong levels of personal initiative and creativity suited to a dynamic and evolving research organisation.

Applications should be submitted to ruth.mohamed@gcro.ac.za, including detailed CV and contactable referees.

Closing date for applications is Thursday 11 April 2019 (only shortlisted candidates will be contacted). The GCRO reserves the right to not make an appointment.


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