GCRO appoints Quality of Life 7 Survey (2023/24) Fieldwork Service Provider

  • Date of publication: 02 August 2023

The GCRO, through Wits Procurement, has appointed Geospace International to conduct fieldwork for the Quality of Life (QoL) 7 Survey (2023/24). The appointment followed a rigorous evaluation process that utilised a standardised yet exhaustive rubric.


The QoL survey is the longest-running study of its kind in South Africa, being operational since 2009 and six iterations completed as of 2020/21. The upcoming seventh iteration is the first post-COVID pandemic QoL survey and presents an invaluable opportunity to understand life in Gauteng post the pandemic. The fieldwork activities for QoL 7 Survey (2023/24) are scheduled to run from September 2023 to March 2024. During this period, the GCRO, through Geospace International, intends to conduct a minimum of 13 500 interviews with randomly sampled adult respondents. The survey will be administered across the entire province of Gauteng, targeting a minimum of 20 interviews in each and every ward.


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