Photography by:
  • Amanda van der Walt

Township economies in the GCR

The provincial government and municipal governments in Gauteng are pursuing policies with the intent to ‘modernise’, ‘formalise’ and ‘re-industrialise’ township economies in the province. Yet, it is not always clear how these terms are understood and what the implications of these understandings are for economic development in townships and in particular the informal sector. The project interrogates the meaning of township economies, especially in light of modernisation and formalisation agendas of government made evident by the Gauteng Township Economy Revitalisation Strategy (GTERS). The project aims to analyse how the GTERS is being implemented and the extent to which formalisation and modernisation have been achieved as well as the impacts of these government agendas on the informal sector in townships across the province.

An extensive review of available knowledge including published papers and government strategic documents regarding township economies is being undertaken. Interviews with relevant stakeholders including officials will also be conducted to create a meaningful narrative of the township economy in the Gauteng City Region Outputs.


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Last updated: 20 October 2017


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