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Methods of regional economic analysis

Presently there is a call for evidence-based planning across all spheres of government. It is agreed that evidence-based policy making is an important ingredient in meeting the challenges of regional growth and development. There are many techniques at the disposal of regional scientists and economic development and other policy makers that can be used to provide analysis in support of particular policies and programmes. This project is intended to equip Gauteng-based economic development practitioners in local and provincial governments with analytical capabilities to determine the regional consequences of a wide range of policy initiatives.

The project will see a combination of (a) facilitated learning, using the skills of Prof. Rainer vom Hofe from the School of Planning at the University of Cincinatti – a specialist in regional economic analysis techniques – and (b) a “Booklet” synthesizing an understanding of how different methods of regional economic analysis could be applied using data from the Gauteng context.

Last updated: 30 October 2017


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