Photography by:
  • Patrick Moerane & Amanda Breytenbach

City transitions to a green economy

  • Ongoing
  • GCRO

The concept of a green economy has gained local and international policy traction in recent years. In a green economy, economic growth is mainly driven by investments that enable more sustainable development processes. Urban authorities have the opportunity to chart new, more sustainable pathways toward a prosperous, inclusive and climate-resilient future or they can continue deploying orthodox forms of development which destroy the available ecological goods and services. On the first path lies the promise and potential of green growth. In this study, we ask whether or not cities and towns in the Gauteng City-Region (GCR) are ready to transition to a green growth path. Have they already embarked on the journey? If so, how are they doing it?

The main goal of the project is to generate and synthesize data that will enhance our understanding of the level of green economy readiness prevailing among the main urban centres in the GCR. We will also provide a preliminary assessment of the strengths and shortcomings of the approaches deployed by various urban authorities to address the green economy agenda in the GCR.


This project will use data from a commissioned study to produce the knowledge products envisaged. A competent Consultant who can carry out the study has been identified and the process of contracting him is now at an advanced stage.


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