GCRO attends MOBILIZE Summit in Dar es Salaam

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From 26-28 June 2018, GCRO Researcher Jesse Harber attended the annual MOBILIZE Summit in Dar es Salaam. This conference, organised by the Institute for Transport and Development Policy and the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF), is a major global meeting on issues of public transport and pedestrianisation. A major theme of the summit was the successful implementation of Bus Rapid Transit. This was an opportunity for GCRO to share knowledge with researchers and practitioners from around the world working on issues relevant to Gauteng's transport system.

Jesse also attended the VREF's Research Network meetings on 25 and 29 June, as coauthor of 'A Review of Metropolitan Governance, Bus Rapid Transit and Minibus Systems in African Cities' (with Jacqueline Klopp and Magnus Quarshie). The paper was well received, and these meetings were valuable for building GCRO's global research networks by growing relationships with colleagues from institutions in Brazil, the United States, and across Africa (among others).


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